Almost fell for a gift card scam! Be careful, friends.

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by adeiner​

I’m a millennial and consider myself pretty tech smart. Today I received an email on my work account and the name in the email was my boss’ boss’ name (Let’s say Jane A Smith). Whenever she emails me her subject line is always “Please do this quickly” and this subject was that. The email basically said she needed me to pick up a gift card for a client, which seemed reasonable because our holiday party is next week.

I was kind of annoyed because I thought she could do it, but I emailed back asking how much. If it had been a reasonable amount I probably would have done it, but she said “I need five gift cards, $200 each.” I then checked the email and realized my Jane’s name comes through as Jane A. Smith with a period and when I clicked the actual email it was basically random letters with a dot ru. Had I fallen for it I would probably be too embarrassed to talk about it and even now I feel kind of stupid, but please be careful out there especially around the holidays! I’ll be talking to IT about this tomorrow.

UPDATE: Apparently quite a few people got this same email but luckily no one fell for it. I imagine we’ll have an IT common sense meeting soon.




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