Almost got got by a fraudster from “Chase”

by BeerBluntBoogaloo

Yesterday, I got a text from an 806 number asking if I was trying to make a charge for $700+ at a Target in Atlanta. After I replied “No”, I got a phone call from an 800 number that actually appears to belong to Chase.

The man on the phone identified himself as a member of Chase’s fraud prevention team. I wasn’t asked to identify myself, other than confirming my name. We discussed my recent charges, and I told him anything coming from Atlanta and not Texas is fraudulent. He determined that the charge was fraudulent (no shit) and told me we’d need to burn this card and issue a new one. He confirmed my address. I didn’t have to provide it.

After saying he would expedite my card to the address on file, he said it looks like the breach was through my online banking and that they would need to burn my username and reissue a new user profile. He asked for my “old username”. I saw this as a red flag, but provided it. He then asked for my “old password” and I told him “I’ve been using my fingerprint to log in for so long that I couldn’t tell you my password even if I wanted to, which I don’t, fucker.” and hung up.

I called Chase’s fraud line myself, but the wait was incredibly long so I went to my local branch and bro’d out with my banker and had a laugh about all this. He confirmed that it was all a sham andI was issued a new card and user profile. He congratulated me for not getting pwned on this day, and I left without shaking his hand because times be like that.



Disclaimer: This is a guest post and it doesn’t represent the views of IWB.


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