Alphabet/Google Fires John And Tony PODESTA GROUP Shortly After Hiring ERIC BRAVERMAN, Ex-CEO Of The Clinton Foundation.

by Pamela Williams
I am sure everyone knows that Eric Braverman, Ex-CEO of the Clinton Foundation, who had been missing for around 70 days is alive and well. In fact, he is now working with Eric Schmidt, founder of Alphabet/Google. Braverman had become a huge Internet sensation while he was away, and many were following his story. There are many unanswered questions, and he has made it clear he does not plan on explaining anything to the public. I don’t blame him, as we do know he has been through a lot of turmoil while working at the Clinton Foundation, but we may never know the full story.
Many of us had hoped he was in FBI custody waiting to come forward to testify against Clinton in one of the ongoing investigations, but I doubt he will be doing that. He probably knows more about the mistakes, criminal activities, and pay to play activities of the Clinton Foundation than anyone. However, he is now working for Eric Schmidt at Alphabet, and it was stated in an article he would be helping Schmidt and his wife with their charitable trust.

Braverman’s name surfaced in the fall when one of the documents stolen from the Democratic Party showed some Clinton staffers believed he had leaked information about the foundation’s finances.

Braverman and the Schmidts declined to be interviewed for this story but the couple issued the following statement about his appointment:

“Now more than ever, there is important work to be done as we bring the power of both technology and people together into networks that can help address this century’s greatest challenges. As we look to increase our impact, Eric Braverman’s insight into growing solutions that work and his experience with leaders in government, philanthropy, and business will be central to our efforts. We are very pleased to have Eric working closely with us to direct our family office and to lead and continue to innovate in our philanthropic efforts.”

Here is where this story intersects in a very interesting way. The hiring of Eric Braverman by Eric Schmidt coinicides with the firing of the Podesta Lobbying Group, which, of course, is owned by John and Tony Podesta. According to Bloomberg, The Podesta Group, the lobbying firm run by the brother of Hillary’s former campaign manager, John Podesta, has just lost a lucrative contract with Google, a key Hillary ally throughout the 2016 campaign.
I have to say that maybe Eric Schmidt knows something we don’t about the Podesta brothers. Maybe he could not tolerate their art collections, as they are beyond the understanding of most human beings. In fact, these brothers are mysterious, haunting, and very chilling. The story goes on to say the Podesta Group whose chairman, Tony Podesta, is no longer lobbying on behalf of Google, public disclosures show. The change coincided with Google’s bid to hire someone for “conservative outreach,” according to a December job advertisement.

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In conclusion, I want to leave you with a summary from a video by the man who started the whole Braverman story. His name is George Webb, and he is still making a video each day, but the story has grown into a huge investigation of a dark shadow world.  Frankly, I have followed George’s story almost everyday, but it started to upset me to the point I had to stop.  I intend to go back when I feel I can study the facts while maintaining my calm.  This world is a place with so many dark rooms in so many dark houses it is difficult to make your way from one to the other.  It is best to close your eyes and feel your way down the halls, as the prisoners are reaching out begging you to rescue them.  If you look at their faces, you might never be able to forget what you have seen.  You ask yourself what you can do to heal them and the world, and then you know only God can heal the broken souls in this world.  All you can do is pray.

George wants Braverman to do a press conference.


  • They are shutting down the CGI — Clinton Global Initiative: the part that couldn’t be publicized, the 1100 hidden donors, the politicians in the EU, NATO generals.
  • It’s the money funnel. Reason is, to destroy the evidence.
  • It says 24 people are going to be layed off.
  • This article wouldn’t have come out if they haven’t already destroyed all the evidence (((Because it was published by Carlos Slim))). They never would have risked having the NY police dept going in with a warrant and getting evidence.
  • The only thing left is getting people involved out of the country. These will be the high flyers with diplomatic passports.
  • Diplomatic passports allow people to come in and out of the country without being questioned by police in order to do these kinds of deals.
  • In any kind of trafficking, you need a passport issuing authority. So you need to take over some government to issue your passports; you always run the risk of being caught by INTERPOL or local police.
  • All signs point to MALTA for issuance of these passports. It’s a small country and easy to control.
  • “Knights of Malta Can Issue Diplomatic Passports — Guistra Enterprise Partners?”
  • {{Look at Belize also, according to John McAffee}}
  • Get a cellphone from a Haitian factory worker and look at the microloansharking interest rates. Take screeshots on the phone and look at activity around payments to a Telcell Telmex cell. If I were investigating I’d look at all the players’ cellphone purchases and transaction records.
  • Contact Conchita Sarnoff and get a timeline for Epstein and his movements, and then correlate cellphone records–Epstein is going to be the funnel point for all the cellphone records.
  • Whenever we find the 24 Knights of Malta–or whatever they call themselves–that are bidding on these girls, we’ll be able to correlate when he got pictures of the girls, what they bid and when.
  • Watch the Hustle 2 trailer to see how the bidding thing works.
  • Again, McCabe, Litmus test: release at least the metadata on the cellphone calls.



4 thoughts on “Alphabet/Google Fires John And Tony PODESTA GROUP Shortly After Hiring ERIC BRAVERMAN, Ex-CEO Of The Clinton Foundation.”

  1. Braverman is a medical quack and fraud on an epic level. His background makes Oprah and her ilk look rational. He is only one court order away from handcuffs. Perhaps he was chosen because he is manageable.

    • roddy, there are two Eric Bravermans. One is a doctor, but THIS ERIC BRAVERMAN is not a doctor. I have had others get the two mixed up. This Eric Braverman is educated as a business executive…not a doctor. Eric Braverman MD has been in a lot of trouble, and he is a quack. You are right, you just have the two confused.


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