Amazing shrinking products 2019

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by kelee877 


Happy New Year

and so begins 2019

and the first item that I encountered was Maxwell house instant coffee

The now smaller jar here in Canada has gone from 200gr size down to 150gr size..and yet we still pay the same price

I am a one cup a day in the morning instant drinker, I am still using the jars that were 250gr not long ago

So again we start a new year not with hyperinflation as it should be,but with another round of the amazing shrinking product

Oh and I would like to mention a few more things of interest, the price of plastic wrap has jumped crazy, use to be 49 cents for 75 meters, now you are lucky if you can find 30 meters under 2.00…and instant oatmeal in some stores this product is still a reasonable price,but I noticed the other day that one store was charging 5.47 for just one box of the instant oatmeal 8 in a box. Irish Spring soap on sale at walmart right now for 2.96 for 4 bars at another store 7.47 for exact same product.

So if you would be so kind as to post any shrinking products to this thread, and yes I know one store is always different then others,but the ones that have raise their prices for 2019 or have the shrinks on their shelves…

This may be another indication of bad things to come…as the liars preach from on high that economies are fine..imagine you have to work half an hour or more now just to buy 4 bars of soap…


This is the HIDDEN inflation that has SKYROCKETED in the past 10 years.

Ice cream half-gallons and pints are no longer half-gallons and pints, but the price is the same. sometimes higher.

Sliced cheese is no longer 8 oz. packages, but 7 oz.

Granola bars are no longer 6 or 8 to a box, but only 5.

I could go on all day with more examples of this.

The price of food is CRAZY!


Every year…


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