Amazon is now offering Prime customers free one-day shipping on items that cost as little as $1 in a bid to drive conventional retailers out of business

  • Amazon is now letting customers order $1 items and up with one-day shipping
  • Users can now order single sticks of deodorant, toothbrushes, and more
  • The new policy will likely put stress on traditional retailers
  • Previously the company had a $5 limit on customers using the platform
  • Critics warn that the policy may not be sustainable for the company 

Amazon is opening its doors wide to Prime customers in search of faster shipping in an effort to eat up more of the traditional retail market.

According to a report from Recode, the e-commerce giant has removed restrictions on its products that forbade customers from utilizing one-day shipping on items less than $5.

Prime customers will be now able to select one-day shipping on products that cost as little as $1, making routine trips to convenience stores that much less convenient.

While Amazon has long-sold products like deodorant, dental floss, and other  household items on its platform, the restriction on price meant its users were usually required to buy those items in a larger set or tack them onto orders with other items through the company’s ‘add-on’ program.

Recode notes, however, that Amazon’s ‘add-on’ program has been slowly phased out in recent months, essentially paving the way for a new ere of single-use shopping.

Now, with the restrictions lifted, customers will be able to not only buy those items individually, but have them delivered imminently to their doorstep.




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