Amazon Paid Zero In Federal Taxes In 2017

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8 thoughts on “Amazon Paid Zero In Federal Taxes In 2017

  1. There you have it. Trump is making corporations great again.
    Well not quite great but filthy rich anyway.
    Don’t you wish you had a President who is on the side of the people?

        • oops, my ‘ya’ means ‘yeah’, not ‘yalls’ – so i said, “yeah, like ….”, not “yall likes ….” – sorry that one was on me.
          anyway there was 2 worthy americans once; JFK and RFK.
          we see what happens to leaders who actually care.

          • When JFK was murdered, he was in conflict with the jewish lobby.
            He wanted them to sign up as a foreign group and they brutally refused.
            He did overdo it on the Cuban missile crisis. It wasn’t a crisis at all.
            I don’t know much about his brother but yes. You are right.
            They were good men. I’m British.
            Ever noticed, good men seem to have a short life expectancy?

          • ya, jewish lobby definitely has too much clout even back then. also JFK wanted to “break up the CIA and scatter them to the winds” – his words. probably not a wise thing to say out loud.

          • CIA doing some good? we’ll never know since they are shrouded in secrecy. even their budget is secret. we had a vice president once; george bush SR. he was reagan’s VP – reagan was almost killed in an assassination attempt which would have left bush sr in charge. before that bush sr was a director of the CIA. what a surprise.
            at least the FBI is obvious as every time they even turn around they seem to step on their own dick.

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