“Amazon removes more than 3,900 seller accounts from US store due to ‘coronavirus-based price gouging’” look again

saw threads for highest prices on TP and peanut butter selling on amazon, super high prices.

Now, amazon did something about it.

Amazon removes more than 3,900 seller accounts from US store due to ‘coronavirus-based price gouging’

Amazon announced Monday 23rd that it has removed more than 3,900 selling accounts in its U.S. store for “violating our fair pricing policies.”

comments inside seller threads was:

“Nearly 1 in 6 of the products sold directly by Amazon had prices spike 50% higher than the 90-day average.”


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Where did they announce this so we can read what they said exactly? I ask because i think if 3,900 accounts had been removed we would have gotten a lot of newly banished sellers in the forum asking how to undo it – and we haven’t.

Something isn’t adding up.


This also happened this morning. If Amazon didn’t do something about their price gouging immediately, they may be considered accessories to crime:

President Trump’s new executive order makes it a crime to stockpile supplies

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Attorney General William Barr says the Justice Department has already launched investigations into people who are hoarding supplies and price gouging.

I found the article on the front of the news website on yahoo.com

Removal for this violation likely means there is nothing left. No account, no signons and no buyer accounts. Complete removal, these could be criminal offenses if the authorities pursue the cases. Amazon has likely made these people completely dissappear.


h/t savcash


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