Amazon Shareholders Call for Halt of Facial Recognition Sales to Police

by Thinker

Nearly 20 groups of Amazon shareholders are pressuring the tech company to stop selling facial recognition technology to law enforcement. In a letter delivered to CEO Jeff Bezos late Friday, the shareholders, many of whom are advocates of socially responsible investing, say they’re concerned about the privacy threat of government surveillance from the tool. Amazon’s technology, called Rekognition and introduced in 2016, detects objects and faces in images and videos. Customers, which include law enforcement in Orlando, Florida and Washington County, Oregon, can upload face databases to automatically identify individuals.

In one case, the Washington County sheriff’s office identified persons of interest, including a shoplifter caught on a hardware store’s cameras. The store camera’s image was automatically compared with thousands of photos of individuals processed while entering jail. This speeds up a process that used to rely on manual labor and the memory of police officers to identify people.

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Lies and secret proceeding are now being exposed for a new world order that was brought to a stand still with the shock election of Donald Trump. No one knew and surprise, surprise. A FBI hearing with more information on an agency that is today being exposed as divided and not supporting the sitting president. President Trump draining the swamp and the many bottom feeders in the organizations that cost tax payers millions. Americans are being used without even knowing it. Hillary was supposed to win and no one thought the questions of control by facial recognition would be a roll over. Is it?

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