Amazon to ditch Oracle software by 2020

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by pinpinbo

Considering that Oracle database is extremely pricey and priced per CPU core, I think Amazon could make a substantial savings here.

Edit: I am having too much fun here. Note that I’m pretty sure Amazon gets a steep discount so there’s no way they are paying the following amount.

This is Oracle multi core pricing: And oh, they charged by the soft core (CPU thread), not full physical core.

From the example: 0.75 * 8 [cores] *$40,000 = $240,000.

Now, let’s play with the number. It’s very believable for database to be running on > 10,000 bare metal servers. Let’s pretend that each server runs 30 cores. That makes the math: 0.75 * 30 * 10,000 *$40,000 = $9,000,000,000.

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