AMAZON workers plan Black Friday protests against inhumane conditions… Warehouse chaos

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Amazon workers urged to walk out on Black Friday in protests over online giant’s ‘inhumane’ treatment of staff

  • Amazon warehouse walkers could walk out over Black Friday as sales set to soar 
  • Staff say there have been ‘broken bones’ and injuries among staff in the UK 
  • Ambulances have been called six hundred times in three years, it was revealed
  • Amazon officials denied any reports there would be disruption as ‘simply wrong’ 

Amazon’s Black Friday sales could be severely disrupted by walk-outs over what staff have called ‘inhumane conditions’ at five UK warehouses.

Insiders at the GMB Union have said protests in Rugeley, Milton Keynes, Warrington, Peterborough and Swansea could clash with the shopping surge at the end of this week causing problems for the online giant.

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Sources told BuzzFeed News staff have been ‘knocked unconscious’ and suffered broken bones while at work for Amazon.


Amazon UK staff to stage protest against “robot” working conditions on Black Friday

Amazon staff will protest at five UK centres on Friday amid concerns over the treatment of staff over concerns people are being treated like robots and in some cases ‘knocked unconscious’ at work

Amazon’s nine days of Black Friday sale could be thrown into chaos on Friday as staff stage protests outside UK five warehouses.

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Union GMB have said protests in Rugeley, Milton Keynes, Warrington, Peterborough and Swansea could put Friday’s entire sales event at risk – which is typically it’s biggest day of the year profit-wise.

It comes after insiders told BuzzFeed that staff have been “knocked unconscious” and suffered broken bones while at work for Amazon.

The union said on Friday 23 November, it will demonstrate outside warehouses waving banners and handing out leaflets.



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