Amazon Workers Who Praise the Company Reap Rewards

As the political battle over working conditions heats up, tech giant Amazon is rewarding warehouse workers who tweet positively about their work. The practice was originally reported in 2018 by TechCrunch, which described how Amazon gave “fulfillment center ambassadors” rewards such as paid days off and a $50 gift card. Amazon has spun up several new accounts for workers.

The practice creates the appearance of grassroots support as working conditions at Amazon’s warehouses and the company’s decision to yank books from its shelves face increased public scrutiny.

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The accounts are run by Amazon warehouse workers, although some accounts have switched between different individuals. The accounts appear to have been created by Amazon, rather than by the workers: All tweets are sent through Sprinklr, a social media management tool Amazon uses for its official accounts. Although some accounts were suspended by Twitter for violation of its rules (likely including “coordinated inauthentic behavior”), new accounts have been created as recently as March 2021.

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