AMD CEO sold $15.9 millions worth of AMD stock

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by learner4f

According to the SEC filing, here are a couple of high-profile AMD insider selling for the past couple days:

  1. Lisa Su (CEO): sold $11.8M worth of AMD stock in Aug 11, and sold $4.1M in Aug 9.
  2. KUMAR DEVINDER (CFO): sold $5M in Aug 11, and sold $1.2M in Aug 9.
  3. Bergman Rick (EVP): $1.9M in Aug 9.
  4. Papermaster Mark D (CTO): sold $1.25M in Aug 9.
  5. GRASBY PAUL DARREN (SVP & CSO): sold $1.2M in Aug 9.
  6. Norrod Forrest Eugene (SVP): $934k in Aug 9
  7. WOLIN HARRY A (SVP): sold $698k in Aug 9.
  8. SMITH DARLA M (CAO): sold $332k in Aug 9.

That is a total of $28.4M in 2 days, which is a lot of profit-taking for a short amount of time.

Will this trend continue as AMD price keeps hitting ATH? Quite possible. This means that more volatility is coming for AMD, which we have already seen recently with all these crazy swings. So don’t YOLO/FOMO into AMD because of all the hype.




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