AMD unveils 16-core Ryzen processor and 7-nm Navi graphics chips

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  • The Ryzen 9 3950X has 16 cores, 32 threads, 4.7-GHz boost frequency, 3.5 GHz base frequency, and 72 megabytes of cache. It runs on 105 watts and will be shipping in September, Su said. And she said it is competitive with the competing Intel i9-9900K processor at less than half the price of what Intel is charging.
  • AMD has shifted much of its processor line-up to 7-nanometer manufacturing (which, because of nomenclature, is the equivalent of Intel’s 10-nanometer manufacturing)
  • Su said that AMD’s chips are targeting all parts of gaming — cloud gaming via data center hardware, PC gaming, and console gaming. AMD also recently partnered with Samsung to move into mobile markets. AMD’s chips will power Google’s Stadia infrastructure for cloud gaming, and AMD’s chips will be the heart of the upcoming PlayStation 5 from Sony.



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