“AMD’s stock price reflects a ‘scenario we don’t believe possible,'”

by tunawithoutcrust

I live in a different time zone so I woke up to -11% on my AMD position.


Thoughts on this? Anyone planning on getting out now before it drops more, potentially to get in again later?


  • AMD shares will drop more than 30% to $18 due to comparative disadvantages in its competition with Intel, New Street Research analyst Pierre Ferragu says.
  • Last month analysts expected Intel to undersupply its 10-nanometer chip, but later a report said Intel may cure its production problem sooner than expected.
  • AMD is expected to launch a 7 nm datacenter GPU later in 2018, which in theory should provide better performance than 10 nm ones, according to Moody’s.
  • The 7 nm chip won’t help AMD win over Intel, Ferragu says.