“America is not a hospital. We will not comply! We do not consent!”

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On Tuesday a San Diego mother going by the name of ‘Rooted Wings’ posted a recorded video on Twitter of herself at a “Board of Supervisors Meeting” in the city. The video shows herself giving a speech in opposition to continued draconian COVID-19 mandates that the government and private sector alike have continued to force on the American people.

“We are done. The consent of the governed is removed. We will not comply, we do not consent. Nathan Fletcher, you are on notice. We will constitutionally remove all petty tyrants beginning now!”

“There are 3.338 million people in San Diego county,” she began. “3,811 people who have died with, with COVID. Of those 96% that is a total fatality rate of 0.1%…”

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“91% of San Diegans ages 60-69 received the injection. 98% 70-79 received the injection. We remove consent from treating us like we are patients in a hospital ward.”



h/t DeploraVision

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