America is only one step away from socialist tyranny: Speech is censored. Media is propaganda. Schools are only indoctrination. Governments become dictators. Courts are corrupt. Law enforcement protects criminals.

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by BigGuyAndSmallGuy

speech censored… check

Media propagandized crap… check

Schools… check

Government… Check

Courts… check

DEFUND HIGHER EDUCATION: How the ‘Defund Police’ movement started on college campuses. Pretty sure that most of the bad ideas, and very few of the good ones, in our society come from college campuses.

KRUISER’S MORNING BRIEF: If Lockdowns Work Why Is California a Global COVID-19 Hotspot? “How in the hell is California a COVID nightmare when the state has been one of the most draconian with lockdowns and mask rules? I mean, haven’t they been doing all of the things that are supposed to keep the virus at bay over there?”

YES: “The great thing about the ‘Dr. Jill Biden’ issue is that it means the Bidens and the media will double down on this pathetic pretension and remind a large swath of the population the condescending elitism at the heart of liberalism today.”

THEY’LL TURN US ALL INTO BEGGARS ‘CAUSE THEY’RE EASIER TO PLEASE: Coronavirus Lockdowns Throw Additional 8 Million Americans Into Poverty.

FBI SPIED ON FOX NEWS, RECORDED PHONE CALL BETWEEN FOX EXEC AND GEORGE PAPADOPOULOS, NEW TEXTS SHOW: “Although members of the corporate media repeatedly claimed that Trump’s criticism of journalists on Twitter constituted a violent attack on the First Amendment and the free press, no corporate media outlets have criticized the Obama administration for secretly recording phone calls with a cable news network executive without even bothering to seek a warrant.”

MAD AS HELL: Americans Are in Full Revolt Against Pandemic Lockdowns. Across the country, restaurants and other businesses are defying lockdown orders, as J.D. Tucille reports. But politicians aren’t about to give up their newfound powers easily, as  James Bovard points out in his essay, “Covid and The Rise of Cage Keeper Democracy.”

Cuomo makes it illegal for restaurants to allow use of indoor bathrooms.




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