America Ready For Martial Law! Looting Begins, Panic Buying Of Ammo 2020 Economic Collapse

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America is going through unprecedented economic and social changes that will lead to martial law and economic collapse.

The entire economy is declining and the labor market is on a free fall and millions of Americans are losing their jobs every passing day. The rising number of unemployed people across various states is creating a perfect storm that will end up being a big social unrest. As a result of this, the government is introducing martial law as the solution. The government will also be sending stimulus checks to most of the American households. The problem is that this amount of money will not sustain those who have lost their jobs for any significant amount of time.

Things are changing very fast in our society and everyone fears that a social unrest might spring up. The Federation of Red Cross has warned that we have a social bomb that might explode any moment. The American economy is crashing and as people lose their jobs, we might see social unrest across the country especially in the low income neighborhoods. Because of this economic collapse, many Americans fear that we might soon have social unrests. As a result, many Americans have been buying guns in the past few weeks. In many states, the number of gun sales has hit record highs. The Google searches on how to buy guns online has surged as Americas fear that this crisis would end up causing unrests in the society. In the middle of this crisis, people are panic buying ammunitions. Many people are buying guns online and even in various retail shops to a point where some retailers had to put limits on the number of guns people can by. The writing on the wall is very clear that Americans are panicking and they are preparing for the worst in case things get out of control. The government is aware of this and last week president Trump signed an executive order that will allow the deployment of up to one million National Guard and Reservists across the country. Their work is not to keep order in various communities by enforcing a martial law. It is very clear that America has begun entering into martial law even within these health and economic challenges. The National Guard will closely monitor various communities and at this moment, we might see people being denied some of the fundamental human rights and freedoms.

It is very clear that panic and looting is becoming a reality in many places especially in the western cities where millions of people have already lost their jobs. The economy has crashed and we are entering a depression phase where the military has to enforce order. In the Unites States, we have extreme levels of wealth inequality and this has created a big social gap between the rich and the poor. In most poor neighborhoods, most families do not have enough buffer cash to take them through this economic collapse and this is becoming a big threat to the stability of most cities. Since the economy was shut down, many poor people have lost their incomes and this has pushed them to the extremes. They live hand to mouth and with the entire economy closed, they have also lost their incomes. This means that at the moment it is becoming extremely difficult for them to even buy food. They are emotionally affected and this is pushing them to do anything to do anything to survive.
The US is at a blink of social unrests and soon we might see protests and looting all over the country as people become depressed because of this crisis. We have hysteria and mass panic and this is forcing the government to take control over everything and freedoms are being limited in many places. Martial law is already being enforced by the National Guard.

When martial law will be fully declared, it will be impossible to speak out about the wrongdoing being perpetuated by the elites in the society. Some states have already commanded their citizens to remain at home and if this trend continues, the freedom of movement will be curtailed countrywide. Because of this we will have an explosion of crime and riots all over especially in cities. Movement restrictions will be temporary just the way the first income tax was temporary after the American civil war. The America you knew is finally over and at this point we might be entering into a state where we will have permanent martial laws in place. Read the full transcript here:



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