American Airlines Mandatory Vaccine Backfire

by Martin Armstrong

American Airlines has been forced to cancel another 634 flights on Sunday, more than 12% of its total operations for the day. This brings the total number of flights that have been canceled to over 1500 because of the unconstitutional and absurd vaccine mandate. Blood clots are a typical problem with frequent flying, and pilots have been injured after being vaccinated by blood clots. Management should be fired by the shareholders! I, for one, will not fly ANY commercial airlines that mandate vaccines. I know two professionals who were vaccinated. One took a flight and nearly died from a blood cot. The other will no longer fly because he was vaccinated.

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This whole thing is political and is putting people’s lives at risk for no apparent reason. There is a serious question of credibility now after the top two FDA people resigned over this scandal. The normal time to get a vaccine approved is 12 years. Something is seriously wrong when this is not even a major health crisis. Numerous countries from Scandinavia to Singapore are downgrading COVID to flu status.


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