American Airlines pilots want customers to know how bad things have gotten.

As airlines boast of recovery, they’re also cancelling quite a lot of flights. Or, as United Airlines recently announced, turning some non-stop flights into one-stops.

Which all leads me to the pilots at American Airlines.

They’re suggesting that things are crumbling somewhat. No, they’re not doing it with the odd tweet here and the odd press release there.

Instead, the pilots union created a little film that reveals what they see as their own airline’s great mess.

An experienced male pilot meets up with the younger female co-pilot who’ll be joining him in the cockpit.

She’s enthusiastic. He’s as cheerful as your average Oakland A’s fan.

“Scheduling called you yet?” he snorts.

It seems they hadn’t. The pilot informs his co-pilot: “Well, we’ve got a schedule change.” This, he says, will work them both into their days off.

It’s ruined his family’s plans. His kids have got used to “this sort of thing.”

“By the way,” says the newer pilot. “Do we have a hotel assignment yet?”

“No, we’re going to have to call the hotel desk ourselves,” says Captain Weary.

He continues: “It didn’t used to be this way, and it should never have gotten to this point.”

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