American People Want Arrests & Convictions In The Clinton/Obama Surveillance Scandal

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by Patrick J McShay
“Send it to a grand jury. Which is where it should have gone, to begin with. Let a grand jury decide whether there is sufficient and compelling evidence that Hillary Clinton committed a myriad of crimes. I guarantee that if an honest grand jury looked at it, she would be indicted.”
— Greg Jarrett- Fox News Legal Analyst
“Holistic analysis of the Justice Department and the FBI’s interconnected and ostensible investigations of Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump amount to the worst abuse of political power in American History related to elections.”
— Tom Del Beccaro- Author and Attorney
“Fired FBI Director James Comey has left a trail of suspicious activity in his wake. Comey now stands out as a key figure in the Deep State’s illicit attempts to target President Trump. And it looks like the Deep State is protecting him still.”
— Tom Fitton- Judicial Watch
In the movie, “3 Days Of The Condor,” a CIA hitman tells Robert Redford’s analyst character that there is a CIA operating within the CIA. A rogue group of agents and analysts who worked autonomously with little oversight from the director, the Congress or the President. Americans would never have believed that in the real world one of our intelligence or law enforcement agencies could become so corrupted and compromised….until now.
Anyone paying attention should know by now that during the Obama administration, there existed a vast conspiracy to steal the:
h/t Thinker

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