America's Political Divisions Are Approaching an Irreparable State

by Robert Carbery

A second civil war may very well be inevitable in the coming years if we keep this up.
The United States of America has not been united in some time. We have continued to separate ourselves by geography and political affiliation. New England is totally different from the Deep South. The West Coast has little in common with much of the Midwest. The city folk have different beliefs than those in the countryside. But we used to all get along just fine.
Things have changed.
Our common ground is eroding. People are yelling past each other and not understanding the commonality we all have as Americans. The rhetoric in the political arena has boiled over since the most recent presidential campaign to today. The war of words has become a physical altercation in many cases.
Daniel Lang’s article last month pointed to the Berkeley protest clashes in April as the most recent evidence of this political clash leading to a possible breakout of war. Trump supporters and protesters clashed for the third time in April. 21 were arrested and 11 injured in the most recent battle, with one person stabbed. These demonstrations in support of conservatism are turning more and more violent as the lovers of liberty on the Right are getting tired of restraining themselves and are fighting back in self defense. The increasingly militant Left is responding and increasing its level of force it brings to each one of these events.
What the hell is coming next?
Americans have been separating and sorting themselves for years now. This has increased the deep rooted polarization because we live with people who think and live like us for the most part. A book called “The Big Sort” revealed this trend back in 2008.
Americans move to places that align with their politics. This has been going on for decades with a scary acceleration in recent years. When Jimmy Carter was elected in 1976, just under 27% of Americans lived in landslide counties, or counties where the president won or lost by 20% of the vote. By 2004, when George W. Bush was reelected, over 48% of the population lived in these landslide counties.
Social media has only made matters worse. Even though the internet allows us to explore and be exposed to opinions on all sides, we all choose to follow and listen to voices that we already agree with. So, we are sorting ourselves into geographic bubbles where almost everyone we know believes what we believe and we are now falling into online and digital bubbles.
All of this makes it harder to see the humanity in the opposition. This creates sharper polarization and enduring partisanship. The views become more extreme living in that bubble.
War is the end result in this escalating political battle. As we grow farther apart and group ourselves in different political clusters, we will have less in common with each other and will work less with each other thus increasing the already vast divide.
A summer of rage is planned by the militant leftists that have taken over the Democratic Party. You know conservatives will fight back. Will this be the start of the second civil war? Or will we have it in us to hold back and let the flames die out on their own?
Our political divisions are approaching an irreparable state. Wake up and realize it’s the people versus the government. Not the Republicans versus the Democrats.