America’s Ruling Elite Problem

By Chris Black

There’s an old saying that goes something along the lines of: “if you can’t beat them, join them”. 

One interpretation might be not that if you think that you’re losing to your opponent, that you go and join your opponent, but rather you start using the same tactics that your opponent is using, only you up the ante a little bit.

As in, if you’re losing fights all the time because every time you show up, someone pulls a knife and stabs you or one or your guys or whatever, and you think that using a knife is a pussy move so you never use it, you’re gonna lose every time.

But if you take a gun to a knife fight, you’re gonna win. 

If you can get over this stupid conservative mantra of “losing with your principles intact”, when you know conservatives don’t even have principles (what did they conserve? they failed at everything), you might have a chance. As in, stop being the gracious loser because “at least I didn’t lie”…

Your principle as a conservative should be to actually conserve what you’re talking about, and do it by hook or by crook. 

Just do it, get it done, that should be your principle. Not to look like you are the bigger man as you lose, but to win.

And the silent majority has never done that, and has never been able to get it into their heads that that’s what it takes to win.

Conservatives and right wingers generally must understand what they’re up against.

 You’re up against people who without losing a second of sleep will kill thousands of people so they can start a war that will kill hundreds of thousands of people.

That’s how committed they are. 

Your side is not even remotely close to that commitment. Not even like “kind of”. 

In fact, one of the reasons many of these normies don’t believe in the atrocities that the ruling class has committed isn’t so much that they don’t want to believe people wouldn’t be capable of doing that, it’s just that thing would shine a light on how completely unprepared they are mentally to even participate in the game.

Because if you had to accept the types of shit that the people who actually get things done are willing and able and do commit, and you knew in your heart “I’m not willing to do that”, you’re gonna lose. And you’ll always lose.

So it’s easier for normies to just pretend that they’re not really doing that.

Because if you believe that’s what they do to win, how can you ever think that you’ll ever win, if it’s too much to get out of your couch when they steal a presidential election in front of you?

And it’s been like this for 100 years or more in America. Maybe forever, because everyone can’t be a general, as we evolved as members of groups, subservient to the more powerful members of our group. 

And we’re just in a situation when those more powerful, stronger members of our group do not have your best interest, even kind of, at heart.

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Because they don’t have any connection to you. 

Multiculturalism is dangerous not just because of the obvious reasons (crime, loss of trust in the society etc.), which are huge problems, yet they are dwarfed by the disconnection between you and your ruling class.

Think of a small tribe of humans, and you’ve got the big alpha human, who’s the chief, and everyone is kind of scared of him, but half of the tribe is related to him, if not everybody, and so he  might fuck you guys over a bit, but you’re family after all’s said and done. 

He doesn’t want to do something that’s gonna destroy people he’s related to, in the same way that the modern ruling class has nothing in common with you, forget related: they don’t share your culture, they don’t share your religion, they don’t share your worldview, they don’t share your DNA.

You’re just a number in a spreadsheet for the cabal.

They care as much about you as you do when you’re playing Command and Conquer or Starcraft, and you drag over a bunch of soldiers and put them on a suicide mission. They’re exactly the same, but with real people. You are just as valuable to them as pixels on the screen. 

As the population grows and their power increases in Washington, they don’t have to face the families of the people that they hurt and killed. Ever.

Worst case scenario they have to do a photo op with one of them or something like that, but they’re certainly not afraid of the family. In many instances, we don’t even know their names, we don’t know who they are.

You think Biden is ruling the country? Are you that stupid?

So if someone somehow would have to pay a price, it would be someone 10 levels down the hierarchy, just another number in a spreadsheet for the elites.

That’s what you’re dealing with, and the right’s inability to understand this basic yet crucial truth is why you lose.

That’s what you’re up against. And it gets worse by the day.

 If you look at Congress 50 years ago and you look at it today, are those people more like you or less like you?

You think Kamala Harris feels a connection to you? Think Joe Biden feels a connection to you? Think Obama or Trump are like you? And if you did love Trump and supported him, how do you feel now after all his betrayals? 

It’s like simp-love for an e-thot, who keeps sending her money to see her nudes yet she doesn’t even know his name, or that he exists. 

And that’s as far as this relationship will ever go. 

And for a lot of people that’s the relationship with Trump and everyone like him. 

Do you even remember the Cambridge Analytica scandal? What they did was data-mine the fuck of your Facebook accounts, they brain-raped boomers, figured out what they were mad about, and they just made him read the talking points from a teleprompter.

That was Trump. 


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