America’s Schools Are Nothing More Than Anti-White Indoctrination Centers

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by Chris Black

To achieve racial equality you must free guilty blacks and punish innocent whites.

Here is an anecdote from the school system, where teachers admit to unfairly punishing white students so that they are closer to black rates of discipline problems.

During the so-called pandemic, a lot of people have said things like “They’re coming for the kids next!”

This is actually not the case. They already had the kids in the bag some time ago.

When it comes to vaccines, our society has permitted Pharma to jab our children with whatever they want for a few generations now.

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The Covid scam has been actually about going after the adults. The cabal started with the most difficult challenge first, breaking the will and resolve of the adult population and then opening up the vaccines to children after that. Most parents believe that vaccines keep their children safe and healthy, they’ve been clueless as to the negative effects of vaccines for years now – Autism, allergies, ADHD, autoimmune diseases, to name but a few.

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They’ve now managed to get adults onto a regular vaccination schedule and they’ve accepted the masks. For example, in  Ireland, 9-year-olds are expected to be masked all day in schools. Parents have now abdicated their roles as guardians of their children.

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They’ve surrendered that role to the state.

And it should come as no surprise, for a country that accepts abortion, which is the murdering of children, sex education, LGBT indoctrination and transgenderism, which is the psychological and physical abuse and even mutilation of children.

So mandatory face masks in schools will probably seem to many parents like ‘no big deal’ by comparison.

The level of corruption in our government, state and media merely reflects the moral bankruptcy, cowardice and intellectual and spiritual paralysis of the majority of the people.

They seem content to go along with any insanity or evil because they honestly cannot imagine a better world. The people are in desperate need of spiritual guidance and repentance for what they’ve allowed themselves and their once great nation to become.


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