$AMRN earnings play – 67% upside to price target – MONDAY first profit report on new FDA approved drug

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by JRzhutou

$AMRN ‘s medication Vascepa got FDA approved mid December last year and is the first FDA approved drug to reduce cardiovascular risk among patients with elevated bla bla suck suck. In other words, boomers will gobble on this pill like on their fucking 2% yearly gains all day long.

AMRN main competitors have have given up development or have shown their products to be no more effective than a placebo. g_g

The Average Price Target is at $30 while current price is $18 – investors are just waiting for a good quarter to see if the company can show profit. Now the last 3 quarterly earnings beat expextations significantly and it is highly likely that they will ON MONDAY post their first profitable quarter, being no in net loss. To add to the bonertown, they will post their full year 2019 data and 2020 forecast – publicly accessible for any retard to dial in – expect GOOD news.

Looking at the option pricing there is a huge implied volatility. For all the millenials in here this means there will be a major price movement expected and I’m rdy with my bull balls and calls.

The earnings publish on Monday before open and I’m in with two plays at $22 short term calls and $26 long term calls.

“The bull thesis on bio-pharmaceutical company Amarin (NASDAQ:AMRN) for 2020 is pretty simple. The company’s core drug, Vascepa, is in the early innings of a huge multi-year growth trajectory. In 2020, several catalysts will meaningfully accelerate Vascepa’s growth trajectory. As they do, the company’s revenues and profits will continue to soar. Amarin stock isn’t fully priced for this growth.”

“With these competitors floundering, things look brighter for Vascepa. In other words, there’s good reason why Amarin stock could head higher.”



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