AN ABSOLUTELY MUST-SEE VIDEO — Top Ten: We’re Off “Team Corona-Phobia”

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Del Bigtree has produced what is perhaps the best, most informative video regarding the COVID-19 reaction insanity. Pushing away the fake news and other assorted bullshit, Bigtree presents FACTS and REAL SCIENCE to expose the propaganda-led stupidity gripping our nation and the world. His Top Ten:

10. The Initial Model Was Dead Wrong
9. The Lockdown Failed
8. Nursing Home Neglect
7. Social Distancing Is Unscientific
6. Masks Are A Joke
5. Blocked Effective Treatments
4. Doctors Screwed Up
3. The Vaccine Is STILL A Unicorn
2. Death Rate Mirrors A Bad flu
1. The Cure Is Worse Than The Problem



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