An Inconvenient Truth About the Covid-19 Conspiracy

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by Chris Black

Let me be blunt from the beginning: the whole Covid-19 extravaganza is a psyop. There is no proof it ever existed as a real disease.

“but people are dying.”

Yeah, so. People are always dying from thousands of different things. 

“Yes, but not from Covid. Covid is different.”

No, it is not. Everything is now Covid. The flu no longer exists, neither does pneumonia. Both have been pulled into the Covid circle. From the entire period of February 2020 to Dec 2020, there were fewer diagnosed flu cases than just the month of July in 2019. 

How is this possible?

“No, the hospitals are overwhelmed.”

85-95% capacity is normal. It always has been. In 2017 hospitals in NYC built tents for flu patients.

“People test positive for Covid.”

No they don’t. People test positive for a tiny portion of a genetic sequence. One that isn’t unique to the supposed virus and is actually found over 1000 times in the complete human genome. The PCR test is not to be used for diagnostic purposes and has a false positive rate higher than 95% when run above 35 cycles.

“Yeah, well my cousin tested positive and got sick.”

So. The number of other conditions that present with Covid symptoms number in the thousands. Strep, bronchitis, pneumonia, rhinitis, common colds, flu, legionnaires, bacterial infections, whooping cough, and tuberculosis to name a few.

“People get vaccinated for those.”

Actually, no. The flu vaccine is at best 20% effective and in reality, zero. People think that the USA vaccinates for TB, but we don’t and haven’t for decades. 

“I don’t care what you say. 260k people died from Covid.”

Not according to the CDC and Johns Hopkins own data. When you die from cancer, but tested positive for Covid, they say you died with Covid. Read the fine print. When Johns Hopkins looked into the Covid deaths, they found that nearly every single one was a death that would have occurred regardless of Covid.

“It came from China.”

Sorry, no evidence of that. Why isn’t China locked down still if it came from there? Patient Zero in Seattle went to the hospital to get tested for Covid, because he just got back from Wuhan. He had no symptoms, but tested positive. Probably because they ran his test until it showed positive. A week after he visited the hospital, he started to get sick. He actually caught hospital acquired pneumonia (nosocomial infection). It was diagnosed and he was given steroids and antibiotics, and got better. 

Instead of being recorded as pneumonia, the media and the hospital later decided he didn’t have pneumonia, but that he actually was sick with Covid-19. This case was used to create the claim of 14-28-day incubation and pneumonia like symptoms. The entire thing was fake.

If you die from the flu, Medicare pays around $2000. If you die from Covid, the government pays $18k and $45k if they put you on oxygen for five minutes.

Adding Covid to the death certificate of someone who had a heart attack and arrived DOA is easy money, without having to do anything.

If the financial incentive to record every death as Covid was removed, reported deaths would plummet.

Sorry, but until you prove that SARS-CoV-2 exists, none of the BS stories told over the last year can be accepted as truth. There is no proof of the virus. Only scary stories to keep you afraid. When asked to provide proof, the officials say proof isn’t needed. When you show proof that they are full of shit, they deny your proof exists. Just like election fraud.

Finally, let me tell you a cool story: Back in 1919 two separate experiments were done in San Francisco and Boston. 700 volunteers were purposely infected with influenza, by spraying cultured virus directly in their noses, with a load level several hundred times higher than possible from natural occurrence. 

Here’s the kicker: not one of the volunteers got sick. 

This astounded the researchers. They even took samples from someone dying of influenza, and tried to infect people with it. They repeated the experiment again. Still, not a single volunteer came down with a single symptom.

Rather than go with the obvious conclusion, that influenza can’t be spread by taking cultures and spreading them, they chose to claim that all the volunteers must have had some type of immunity.

PS: watch the videos and read carefully the article below, there’s a TON of data in there.

COVID19 – Evidence Of Global Fraud


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