Ancient Egypt: Experts on brink of major Tutankhamun discovery

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ONE of the greatest mysteries of Ancient Egypt may have been unravelled as archaeologists believe they have finally found the resting place of King Tutankhamun’s teenage bride

The long search for the wife of one of Ancient Egypt’s most famous kings may be over after a startling discovery by archaeologists.

Ankhesenamun served alongside King Tutankhamun, who was also her half brother and cousin, until his death at the age of just 18 in 1323 BC before she went on to marry the next king, Ay.

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A photo which has been released by archaeologists shows diggers excavating a spot which was previously analysed by radar and showed an entrance to the royal tomb where King Ay was laid to rest in the Amarna Tomb.

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The research has been funded by the Discovery Channel which says that it has “exclusive” access to the site and will release a documentary on the discovery later this year.…-wife-tomb



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