Andrew Cuomo isn’t the problem…

Corporate media and powerful Democrats knew all about Cuomo, but they said nothing because they didn’t care — and they still don’t.

Jennifer Rubin will pretend she never once tweeted obsequious nonsense about Cuomo during the worst months of the lockdowns. Brian Stelter and Chris Hayes and Rachel Maddow and Joy Reid and Nicolle Wallace will all nod and purse their lips and say how important it is that Cuomo is being held accountable, what a step forward it is for women. They will suggest that in fact it speaks to the media’s moral uprightness — and perhaps to their own — that all this came out and in the end forced a bad man out of public office.

Not one of them will acknowledge their roles in elevating Cuomo or turning a blind eye to what they all surely knew had been happening for years and years to young women who worked for him. CNN’s Chris Cuomo will almost certainly not be fired, or even censured, despite having actively helped his older brother try to sweep all this under the rug. His buddy Don Lemon will never ask him about it on air, and neither will anyone else at CNN.

Why? Because none of these people really care. As long as sexual harassment, assault, abuse, even the sex trafficking of underage girls stays quiet, then they stay quiet, too.

They don’t even care about people dying.

As with Harvey Weinstein, Cuomo has to go now, not because the establishment found out about him, but because we did.

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h/t Glenn


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