Andrew Hoffman – The worst global economy of our lifetimes – trade “ground to a half”

from Financial Survival Network
Wipeout Wednesdays with Andrew Hoffman:
– The worst ever start to a year (and end of the prior year)
– The worst global economy of our lifetimes – trade “ground to a half”
– Essentially all currencies at, near, or below all-time lows
– Commodities at 40-year low, with much more pain to come
– Obama says “Don’t fear the future,” in one of the most Custer-like statements ever.
– The perfect storm of Precious Metals supply and demand, coming in 2016, in my view.
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4 thoughts on “Andrew Hoffman – The worst global economy of our lifetimes – trade “ground to a half””

  1. Retail will grind to a halt once people get their brokerage statements and/or look at their 401k balance. Restaurants will start closing down for lack of business and layoffs on all retail. Housing will go into a slump and people will pull back buying in general. 1929 was bad enough, then most were self sufficient living on farms or had relatives with farms. Not all this welfare being handed out to over 50 million people back then. America may be trashed with a zero future if economy keeps going down hill. The BDIY index is horrifying.

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      Hope this helps.


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