Andy Ngo: Newspapers of record are writing antifa out of the riots & declaring those who bring attention to them as alt-right.

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FACT-CHECKING THE “FACT CHECKERS:” Andy Ngo Demolishes WaPo’s Anti-Trump ‘Fact-Check’ Claiming No Antifa-Led Violence in the Riots.

After the protests over the police killing of George Floyd devolved into lootingvandalism, and arson across America that destroyed black livesblack livelihoods, and black monuments, President Donald Trump condemned antifa instigators, insisting they played a key role in the riots. Yet on Monday, The Washington Post fact-checker claimed that Trump’s statements about antifa were lies. The Post Millennial’s Andy Ngo definitively shot down that ludicrous claim in one tweet.

The fact-checker gave Trump “Four Pinocchios” for his antifa claims, arguing that “there has not yet been a single confirmed case in which someone who self-identifies as antifa led violent acts at any of the protests across the country.”

Yet Ngo tweeted a prosecutorial record involving Amelia Joan Shamrowicz, who allegedly committed arson, criminal mischief (destroying or damaging $1,000 or more in property), and rioting. When police interviewed Shamrowicz’s roommates, they “reported that SHAMROWICZ stated they started the fire using a Molotov cocktail, and she is part of Antifa. SHAMROWICZ was reported to be extremely excited about being labeled a terrorist and was very animated about her hopes that police officers would be killed and injured by the riots. She also stated that she would be going out on another mission and the goal would be to set another fire.”

Multnomah County, Ore., Deputy District Attorney Brad Kalbaugh filed the report on June 1, 2020, shortly after the first round of nationwide rioting following George Floyd’s death.

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Curiously though while the new autonomous nation is still outsourcing its crime fighting to America: People still dial 911 after 17-year-old CHOP resident shot; Refuses to talk to detectives.

UPDATE: Seattle’s Breakaway CHOP Now Also a Sexual Assault Crime Scene.

WAR IS PEACE, FREEDOM IS SLAVERY. UN: Calling Antifa ‘Domestic Terrorists’ Undermines ‘Peaceful Assembly.’ 

No problem — we’ll go with international terrorists, then.

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