Another Day in the Decaying Empire

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by Chris Black

Normal people have been retreating from participating in school, the education profession and government.

This is the result.

Another marker of decline: a real country encourages its own citizens to pursue STEM, it doesn’t court foreigners to usurp its most lucrative fields. We’re a country the size of a continent and we have over 330 million people, we shouldn’t have to look elsewhere for anything.

This hurts our country and their country. We import workers that take our jobs and poach the best people from the 3rd world.

Only a rootless plutocracy benefits.

The furthest right position on immigration you’re allowed to argue for is for a “points based” system.

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The end result is that the smartest people in Nigeria, India, and other nations struggling to develop are imported to America and Europe, which in turn causes significant shortages of doctors and engineers in their home countries, ultimately concluding with mass exoduses of their populations to America and Europe.

It’s a lose-lose situation.


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