Another Deep State Victory on Russia, Trump Must Fight Back

by Robert Carbery

This Wednesday, August 2nd, President Trump signed the Russia/Iran/North Korea sanctions bill which restricts our ability to improve relations through diplomatic means with these three problem countries. The Deep State seems to have full control of U.S. foreign policy with the help of the 10% approved Congress.
Dr. Ron Paul recently uploaded a great and insightful video on YouTube regarding this matter and many other revealing articles have hit the wires in recent days. Trump cannot mend relations with Russia when the rest of the U.S. government is against doing so. Russia is not the bad guy they used to be. They are another major world power that must be dealt with and we should tread lightly or else we risk another world war.
Federico Pieraccini wrote a great opinion piece in Strategic Culture, detailing the errors of Trump and Congress’ sabotaging of Russia relations.
Putin and Trump met three times in bilateral talks to talk about how to improve relations between the two nations. The ceasefire reached in southern Syria was an instrumental first step in a new trajectory for Washington and Moscow post-Cold War. Unfortunately, the Deep State did not like this so they asserted themselves to upend the president’s plans.
The repeated meetings by Trump and Putin were seen as some sort of collusion as opposed to a concerted effort to keep the world safe from another disastrous conflict. The last ceasefire in Syria reached by former Secretary of State John Kerry and Russia’s Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov, was sabotaged by the American Air Force’s bombing of Syrian troops at Deir ez-Zor, killing and injuring over 100 Syrian soldiers. The United States’ connection to the proliferation of terrorists in Syria has been well-documented and Trump has finally shut that shit down.
After the mid-June shooting down of the Syrian Su-22, any additional U.S. military assertion will be met with a harsh response from the Russians, risking an escalation that could very well lead to a spiraling conflict that we are not ready to handle.
Still, the U.S. Senate has ridiculously voted to approve new sanctions on Russia, the primary purpose of which is to deny Trump the ability to end sanctions on Russia without Moscow first demonstrating good will to resolve points of friction between the two countries.
“The areas of disagreement include the situation in Ukraine and Syria, nuclear weapons, an end to the alleged hacking of US elections, and the supposed intention of Moscow to invade the Baltic states. Obfuscation, lies and misinformation seem to be the driving force behind the Senate vote. The bill will end up on Trump’s desk, and at that point he will have to decide whether to sign it or not. If he signs it, it will obviously limit his autonomy,” so writes Pieraccini. He had no choice but to sign it. If he didn’t, he would be accused of colluding with the freaking Russians, even though we know that’s not the case.
President Trump unfortunately signed into law a new bill that imposes new sanctions against not only Russia, but also Iran and North Korea. The sanctions target Russia’s defense, intelligence, mining, shipping, rail, and energy industries. In addition, the law also limits Trump from easing any sanctions on Russia without any Congressional approval.
Despite Trump’s inspirational move to stop the funding and arming of Syrian rebels AKA terrorists in a blow to the CIA’s move to initiate regime change, it appears the Deep State still has quite a stranglehold on America’s foreign policy at the moment. Hello, McMaster!
America must have enemies at all times for the Deep State and the military industrial complex to survive. This requires major investments from corrupt politicians along with the rogue intelligence agencies that do what they please. The Deep State does not want peace with Russia. They want constant war and conflict and a warming of relations with our two most controversial allies in the Middle East: Saudi Arabia and Israel. These two countries have the most powerful lobbies in Washington DC, so it is no surprise that the Deep State caves to them. Both of these countries want to oust Assad from power, but Trump is realizing that Assad is very much needed to ensure stability in that chaotic region of the world.
Russia’s Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev fired back on Wednesday, saying that the new bill leaves no hope for any improvement of relations between the U.S. and Russia. This is unfortunate because a rapprochement between the two most nuclear-armed nations would be a step toward peace in so many ways. Russia has also fired back by cutting the size of the American diplomatic staff in Russia by 755 starting September 1st.
Is this making America great again? Is this keeping the world safe and demanding respect abroad? No, it is caving to the damned Deep State that runs this country and it sickens me to cover this kind of ill-thought out strategy dealing with our “enemies.”
Trump has many options but likely no real choice with the Russia sanctions. He must deflect from the ridiculous Mueller-led investigation/witch hunt that is looking into nothing since we all know that Seth Rich leaked the emails and details to WikiLeaks and not Russia, despite the mainstream media hysteria over Trump and Fox News colluding to create this story out of thin air.
And if we want to get into foreign policy, Russia has been invited by Syria’s legitimate government, Bashar Al-Assad’s, while the American military has inserted itself without any approval from anyone, not even from the United Nations Security Council.  
So will Trump be able to fight back against the Deep State and take control of his foreign policy yet again? Things do not look too promising at the moment. Are there more heads to roll? Will we see more coordination (not collusion) between Trump and Putin?
God, I hope so.
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2 thoughts on “Another Deep State Victory on Russia, Trump Must Fight Back

  1. Trump should have never signed the Sanctions Bill on Russia. At the most he should have let it sit on his desk the 10 day, or whatever it is period and told the Russians he did NOT support it. Trumps base does NOT want war with Russia. We want to ALL play nice. Why do the Donkeys and Rinos want WWIII?
    Second, McMasters, the BeTrayUs stooge and NWO Globalist Puppet, needed fired and Higgins promoted to his job!

  2. If anyone wants to truly understand the intent of all these actions, study the Roosevelt Sanctions against Japan – and you’ll see the desired result.
    HOWEVER – while Japan was committing atrocities in China, Russia has done absolutely nothing of the sort.

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