Another “mob justice” #fail

by Simon Black

You probably know the story already: on Friday night, an intoxicated man in Atlanta got behind the wheel of a vehicle and drove to a local Wendy’s fast food restaurant.

When he arrived, he passed out while still in the driver’s seat of his vehicle… which also happened to be smack dab in the middle of the Wendy’s drive-thru lane, so he was blocking the other customers.

Wendy’s staff called the police… which seemed sensible enough. And when the police arrived, the situation remained polite and calm.

The man failed voluntarily agreed to take a breathalyzer test, and when his blood-alcohol content was found to be above the legal limit, the police attempted to arrest him.

You know the rest of the story– the man resisted arrest, a fight broke out, he took one of the police officer’s stun guns and fired it at the officers while running away, and then he was shot. He died shortly after.

So what does the mob do? They torched the Wendy’s.

This is total madness. What possible wrongdoing is Wendy’s guilty of? Were they supposed let a drunk driver obstruct their drive-thru and NOT call the police?

There’s no common sense with this mob. They do whatever they want, commit any crime, destroy any property, in the name of ‘social justice’.

And just like any mindless fanatic, they even feel righteous about it… as if burning down a Wendy’s is somehow a moral victory against the forces of evil.

Yes, technically only one person set the building on fire. But plenty of others were there, watching, cheering… and even preventing fire fighters from extinguishing the blaze. It took 45 minutes before the fire department could make its way through the crowd, protected by police, to control the fire.

And by the way, the Wendy’s was right next to a gas station… so if the fire had spread, everyone there could have died in a massive explosion.

But this is how the mob works. It’s just a giant emotional gland. There’s no thinking… even for their own safety. It’s all about destruction and chaos.

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You might have also seen footage of protesters in Virginia who took down a Confederate monument. This has been all the rage lately– destroying statues and monuments of people they find offensive.

I’ll agree, there are definitely a number of monuments in the world to people who have a legacy of evil and hate.

But in a civilized society, there are ways to deal with these things. Citizens can petition the local government, have a hearing, and push to have a monument safely removed.

What we’re seeing now is a bunch of idiots who don’t know what they’re doing trying to dismantle a multi-ton piece of rock. And– what a surprise– people are getting horribly injured in the process.

In the Virginia example, the statue was toppled right on top of the mob, and one person has major life-threatening injuries when it hit his head.

Again, there’s no thinking. Just violence and destruction.

If you look at the Wendy’s in Atlanta– what did the mob accomplish? A bunch of people who have been cooped up and out of work for several months because of Covid were finally able to return to their jobs a few weeks ago.

And, poof, now they’re out of work again. These low-income workers, some of whom may very well be minorities, won’t be able to work because the mob torched their place of business.

Yep. Way to stick it to the man.



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