Another proof/test that can be done to show how Google and/or Microsoft is always listening

by Boodieboo


So there has been instances where I am sure everyone has experienced, where you would be talking to a friend or somebody,then go on the browser on your phone or computer and see an AD about something you were just talking about. No past searches or anything, just literally what you were talking about showing up online.

Now I dont know if anyone else has experienced this but in the past few months mostly, if I am watching something on the PC and a term comes up on the TV show or movie that I am curious about so I open a tab to google what it means , before I finish what I am typing on Google, the first thing that pops up in the autocomplete suggestion box is that term I just heard and was about to just search it.

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Example, just now I am watching House and in the episode they start talking about AIP, acute intermittent porphyria, so I was not sure what that is so I open up Google and start typing “A..C…U” and BAM first search result is acute intermittent porphyria. This has happened constantly in the past few months alone. I have even tested it by watching an episode of The Office and when Dwight asked Creed if he knew what was on the picture he was showing (Marijuana) , Creed responded Northern Lights cannabis indica. I went to Google exactly that and before I finished typing Northern, Google’s auto search suggestion had Northern Lights Cannabis Indica as the second choice on the list. I was going to post a screenshot as an example but I dont think clearing history mattered and itll show up as a past search due to Google’s learning algorithm.

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So what I am assuming is happening is the browser is listening constantly (or maybe its Microsoft because Windows 10 has voice search option available, or both who knows anymore), and the last few words heard it recognizes and when you start typing in the search bar it suggests it. I dont think its too far-fetched to imagine the possibility of that happening, just amazes me that we , or at least speaking for myself , are close to being numb about it that it doesnt realy change anything anymore. Would like to hear (read) anyone else’s opinion or thoughts of this actually being possible and your experiences if you noticed this or something else weird happening like that. Makes you imagine what else could be next.



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