Another ‘public health official’ leaving his post. Humboldt County’s Dr. Ian Hoffman resigns over failed Covid policies.

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“Hundreds if not thousands of health officers are leaving their positions because of all these issues so I fully understand why he would leave – it’s a no-win situation,” Bohn said.

Hoffman’s work has gained respect and the board renewed an employment agreement with him last month. But as variants successively gouge away at the prospect of ending the pandemic, public health management becomes increasingly resented.

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The credibility of public officials is also questioned as the virus’s escalating effectiveness at spreading and undermining both natural and vaccine-induced immunity has upended predictions.

Slogans like “pandemic of the unvaccinated” have been used by Hoffman and during a public comment period, residents who frequently criticize vaccines and the county’s indoor mask mandate noted that case rates are now significantly higher among vaccinated residents than unvaccinated.

“I understand why he’s resigning right now, there’s probably egg on his face that we’re having a pandemic of the vaccinated,” said Donnie Creekmore of the Humboldt Freedom Coalition, which circulated a petition calling for Hoffman’s firing.



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