Antarctica! Fitbit tracking map shows secret bases?? Very unusual patterns

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This guy found very odd patterns in Antarctica where people are traveling with a Fitbit.
It seems like there is gaps and strange shapes to all this. If I was to guess, I’d say they go underground, then pop back up to the remote spots… Why? because there would be a solid line where they traveled from the “living quarters” to these remote places.
It’s just really odd.
Here is video.
Antarctica segment starts at about the 3:00 mark.

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It’s not 100% proof, but I’d love for someone to grab this map and take a closer look at where people are moving around…
I am hoping someone will grab this idea and pull some screenshots and then combine it onto a separate map…
The X looks like a landing strip/runway, but I’m sure there is more to be explored.
The big C is a mystery.
So they must not have roads?
There should be more trails connecting the different areas.
I’m hoping someone will investigate this.
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