Anti-War Journalist Censored By Facebook For BS Reason – various examples, plus a great general breakdown on how the recent censorship throughout the Internet is not left vs. right, but instead pro-establishment vs. anti-establishment

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by Jac0b777

Kyle breaks down the recent Facebook censorship. While many believe the censorship is simply going on against conservatives and those leaning right, this is far from the truth. The truth is that anti-establishment posts in general on Facebook, channels on YouTube and Twitter posts and accounts are being taken down – this is the case for those on the left and on the right.

In the case of the first example of the video, Rania Khalek, a left-wing journalist with anti-war and general anti-establishment sentiments has been censored and attacked by CNN.

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From the YouTube description box:

Facebook has removed – in what some are calling the “Facebook purge”- more than 800 pages and accounts. Although the social media giant says those deleted were rule breakers engaged in “coordinated inauthentic behavior,” some of their defenders have claimed the sweeping action amounts to an attack on independent media, both representing left and right-wing political views.

Some of the sites – like “Right Wing News” and “The Anti Media” – were well-known and had millions of likes. The founders of some of the sites have taken to other platforms to deny Facebook’s claims. You can read some of their responses later in this article…

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