Antibiotics stop vaccines from working, half of infants receive antibiotics before age 1.

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Pharma had never bothered to research, what else haven’t they researched? They like to blame ‘anti-vaxxers’ for not buying their products and not trusting pharma pseudoscience, Pharma don’t yet know the basics

Big Pharma tell us that their ‘herd immunity’ dream is being prevented by the individuals who do not trust vaccines. Looks like they need to get their own house in order, as it’s their products which they are recommend which then prevent vaccines from working. They are not interested in ‘herd immunity’ at all, that is just a way to sell more vaccines. Even after it was first discovered that Tylenol/Paracetamol stops vaccines from working the CDC never changed their recommendations about giving it with vaccines, so it seems unlikely they’ll make any changes with their recommendations for antibiotics before vaccines, instead just funding more propaganda demonizing people don’t choose not to vaccinate and lobbying governments to take away their freedoms.

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Refunds and compensation for everyone who’s been vaccinated after recently receiving antibiotics.



Antibiotic exposure in infants could impair their responses to five important routine vaccines administered daily around the world, new research has found.

Flinders University Associate Professor Lynn says that results of preclinical modelling, and more research in clinical trials, could change the way children are given antibiotics and have significant implications for vaccination programs.

“The research findings are very important because by one year of age, 50 per cent of infants in Australia will be exposed to antibiotics, and this is the period of life that many of these vaccines are administered,” he says.

“It appears that antibiotics in the first year of life change the way the body builds immunity – and responds to vaccination,” says Associate Professor Lynn, who leads the European Molecular Biology Laboratory (EMBL) Australia biomedical informatics group at the Infection and Immunity theme at the South Australian Health and Medical Research Institute (SAHMRI) in Adelaide.

“We have showed that the bacteria in the gut (the microbiome) are important in shaping the strength of the infant immune system,” Associate Professor Lynn says.

“Our findings could have significant implications for vaccination programs globally.”

Published in Cell Host & Microbe today, a research team led by Associate Professor David Lynn, EMBL Australia Group Leader and Flinders University College of Medicine and Public Health reseacher,  found that the use of antibiotics in early life (in preclinical animal models) leads to impaired immune responses to five vaccinations routinely given to infants worldwide, including vaccines against meningitis, pneumonia, tuberculosis and whooping cough.

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