ANTIFA IS Fully Bugged!

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Great and Wonderful Monday Morning Folks,

The first day of June shows Gold started off much higher before all that central calm was applied with the trade now at $1,742.90 down $8.80 and right beside that organized low at $1,741.50 with the high at $1,761. Silver is still in the green with its trade at $18.545, up 4 cents after hitting $18.95 with the London Low right here at $18.54. The US Dollar is still barely moving, proving the controllers are still in play, with the trade at 98.145 down 19.6 points after dipping down to 97.84 with the high up at 98.335. Of course, all this happened while we slept, before 5 am pst, the Comex open, the London close, and after AOC found out she wasn’t so popular with the legal and living after all. LOLOLOLOLOLOL

Golds trade under the Venezuelan Bolivar is still showing gains with the trade at 17,407.21 with the currency adding another 7.99 to the value with Silver seeing an additional 2.849 added on with the early morning registered price at 185.218 Bolivar. Argentina’s Peso now has Gold priced at 119,192.91 proving a gain of 106.33 Peso’s over the weekend with Silver now at 1,268.32 Peso’s showing a 20.07 A-Peso gain. The Turkish Lira seems to be pushing the real money lower with Gold losing 26.3 Lira with the price at 11,874.99. Silver however, is gaining under the Lira with the trade at 126.386 proving a gain of 1.648 T-Lira.

June Silver’s delivery demands dropped a bit with the count now at 126 fully paid for 5,000-ounce contracts waiting for receipts with a Volume of 5 up on the board and with a trading range between $18.815 and $18.75 with the last trade at the high, up 31 cents so far today. Friday’s final trading range inside the delivery month was between $17.885 and $17.865 and with the adjusted close way up above the day’s trades at $18.44 with a total Volume of 25 proving 239 contracts either got settled out in receipts or EFP’d under some sort of yearlong emergency plan no one else is allowed to know but those inside the trade or the governing body that approved it. The inter commodity spread is still being played with Silver’s Overall Open Interest gaining more shorts with the count now at 166,373 Overnighters proving a gain of 3,305 during Friday’s rally. Just think what the price would be, if there was a legal limit to how many shorts can be applied by linking the count to the physicals for sale without all those synthetic hedges they created or allowing those EFP’s to London, the city of truth?

June Gold’s Delivery Demands now show a demand count of 19,205 fully paid for 100-ounce contracts waiting for receipts with this morning’s trading range between $1,747 and $1,732 with the last organized trade at $1,732.30, down $4.60 from Fridays close and with a Volume so far at 147. This proves a reduction in count of 27,927 from Friday’s trade that had a completed trading range between $1,738.30 and $1,715.10 with the closing price at $1,736.90 with a total Volume of 1,406. What we are being led to believe here; is that drop in count must have been deliveries because the OI drop doesn’t equal Friday’s Volumes. Which is why we feel the focus on the deliveries is paramount to understanding the game being played against the first money of mankind. These numbers do not jive and it is fully meant to be that way! Gold’s Overall Open Interest proves the drop in count is close to that of the delivery months plunge, as 23,254 Obligations jumped ship leaving a grand total of 487,654 Overnighters, as we enter a major delivery month for Gold. So, where these trades that are not part of the Volume, part of a spread entry, exit, EFP’s, or real deliveries? This should be an interesting month as we see more reasons to be in physicals.

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This weekend proved to be an eye opener for many as these organized riots continued after a few days of Fake News “promoting” racial tensions when there is a completely different story not being reported by those that claim to be reporting. Derek Chauvin and George Floyd both worked as security guards at the El Nuevo Rodeo club and restaurant in the city. Why has this been ignored by the press?

Moving forward, Q’s posts are telling those that view them, a story the press is complicit in. In short, the media cannot tell the truth because it would expose all the links that involve a past president and the media. Including the relationships between Soros and ANTIFA. Veritas Video also exposed these assholes with their own words as they express how much they hate our country because we didn’t vote for their candidate. ANTIFA was even attempting to use acid on a group that supports the legally elected president. Now Trump has made ANTIFA a terrorist organization after Q posted this; Antifa ‘mapping’ started a long time ago. Imo, this was done in order to follow the money, and those that have those wonderful cell phones that had tracking hardware and software. What part of “We have the Servers” do they not get? Maybe translated they might understand it, Fully Bugged! We’re finding out from Q, the money trail that the media refuses to follow because it most likely leads right into the heart of the news and the government connections, and news services hate to be the news. Now we have “Former Acting Inspector General for the U.S. Department of Homeland Security Indicted on Theft of Government Property and Scheme to Defraud the United States Government”.

The rioters may have been bused in, that will be proven in time and not by the press whores. In the meantime, the misdirection’s continue as more fiat is needed in order to keep a system that was built to fail basic math, continues towards its end. Holding onto what is real is by far more valuable then a quarterly report, that most likely has a bunch of that AAA+ rated MBS in it, which is artificially being held higher as the price of metal is artificially kept lower. Keep the faith, have a smile on the face and a prayer in the heart for all. Hold on tight to the real, and as always ….

Stay Strong!

Jeremiah Johnson

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