Any Updates on Hunter’s Laptop?

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by Chris Black

The narcissistic narratives of schizophrenic desert rats know no bounds. 

The sheer ego. 

They still can’t get over 2016. Despite Trump being an absolute joke, his election win, i.e. the ruling elite’s utter humiliation and rejection, crashed their world and forced accelerated attack on Whites.

Narrative enforcement is a self-defence measure for these people. Their reality is so fragile, they fear losing control. And it triggers their genocidal mania.

See also  Fascistbook Executive: We Limited Prominence of Hunter Story in Case Fact-Checkers Wanted to Review It, Which They Didn’t
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See also  Emerald Robinson: "The FBI ran the Russia hoax. The FBI’s hiding laptops from Seth Rich, Huma Abedin & Hunter Biden. The FBI ran Jan 6th “insurrection” with Ray Epps. And the fake Gov Whitmer kidnap plot. FBI agent was Arizona’s “election director” in 2022."

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