Anyone else feeling abandoned?

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by 4helenmar

I applied for the SBA EIDL and requested the advance. I applied for PPP. I applied (twice now) for my own states business loan assistance. I was quick to get everything done and in. I received the infamous email from the SBA last week. Credit pull on Sunday. Nothing else. No sudden cash influx. No further word from anyone. I have called my credit union every other day and am told, “you’re in the que.” Nothing happens. I applied for paypal three days ago after seeing everyone rave about it. .I’m told- “Your application is in review.” Nothing else. No offer hours later like some. I feel like every supposed support has overlooked us and I’m not sure how to make myself and my 8 employees be SEEN and MATTER. I watch our bank account dwindle away and as we drown in to the abyss, we can’t understand what it is that makes others deserve assistance when we do not. Even $10,000 would be enough to keep us afloat for longer. Maybe even long enough… One little life preserver. Why have we been abandoned?

I know many are in similar boats and we are all deserving. We’ve put everything in to our businesses and to lose them would cause significant grief. I feel for all of us being passed by. I also wish everyone the best and am happy for all that are getting assistance. Afterall, I personally benefit from many small business in my community and beyond and would love to see them survive and thrive.


Almost half of the money set aside in the CARES ACT for SBA Loans went to less than 5% of the companies. It is undeniable the big guys got it first. Now they are out of money.


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