Anyone stuck in a liberal area, and cannot find people who aren’t liberal normies that drink MSM koolaid?

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by Douchemaster Flex

Are there any other people on here who are in my same dilemma?

I live in a very liberal area. I live in a large metropolitan area, and yet and I have zero friends who share my views. I am not a liberal, or an SJW. I don’t buy into the left vs right BS. I consider myself anarchistic, and I do not trust the Gov’t or MSM. I always question everything and do not blindly trust “officials”.

I cannot find anyone who shares my views or opinions. Dating is even worse. All the women here are “educated” liberal yuppie women, who are addicted to running, cross fit, who are rabid leftist SJWs, and mainline the MSM koolaid.

I find it impossible to talk to most women I meet off dating sites, and the ones I do match with live far away in free states, and don’t want to put effort into anything because of the distance. Talking to a woman from my area is basically like trying to have a deep conversation with an NPC. It’s like talking to a fucking robot that repeats what they are told.

I feel trapped, and stuck. It’s hard to have a conversation with the locals here. If you try to debate something from the MSM, such as question if Epstein is really dead, they look at you like you’re insane.

I had a close friend, who lived in a neighboring state. But talking to him was turning into a huge buzz kill. He went from being a moderate liberal, to a complete nut case that thinks it’s okay to transition little kids to another gender. He blames everything on Trump, and turned gay (he started to like men) and weird.

He thinks the world is going to end from Climate Change in 15 years, and that we’re all doomed, because of Trump and Conservatives. He thinks we need to eat the dead to save the world from climate change. He basically reads nothing but MSM, and leftist garbage like VOX news and the Atlantic. He’s a PHD, and climate scientist and claims to “know how this world works” better than me. He basically thinks that the Gov’t can be trusted. He ridiculed me and calls me a conspiracy theorist.

This is the kind of shit I have to deal with. Do you guys see what I have to put up with? I wish I could just get up and move to state like Idaho instead of being here in the Northeast.

I basically ended that friendship of 17 years, I realized, my best friend is a Soyboy, who’s mind is controlled by Vox media.

I am looking for new friends. If anyone can relate to me, I would love to hear your story.

I have skype and discord, so if anyone wants to chat, let me know.

If there are any single females, and are sick of meeting normies and liberals, I would love to talk to you.



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