AOC is now complaining Trump was too slow. 3 weeks ago she shamed people for not going to Chinese restaurants.

People like her believe the American people are stupid and that we can’t remember stuff that happened after 7 days. It’s highly offensive how stupid they think we are. It’s them that keep making themselves look stupid and idiotic over and over again because we Americans are very smart, but yet they are too stupid to realize how dumb they keep making themselves look because they have themselves on a self-rightous pedestal and think of us as not being able to think for ourselves and only believe what is told too us. It’s pathetic and just shows how lost from reality these people are. That and Pelosi is paying her to start saying this now. It’s the narrative they are trying to push and now all of a sudden she starts saying it without any care that she is contradicting herself!


h/t marsajane


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