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More Bad News From Apple As iPhone XR Price Slashed

Adding to the signs that the newest iPhones are not meeting Apple’s internal sales targets, let alone the lofty ambitions of significantly increasing the annual sales of the iOS-powered smartphones, details of the actions taken by Tim Cook’s team to boost sales have come to light.

Writing for Bloomberg, Mark Gurman notes on an increase in carrier subsidies, an increase in bundled extras, and now an almost unheard of $300 discount to customers willing to trade in an older iPhone directly to Apple:

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Since Apple has reportedly cut production of the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max — the only two iPhones in the company’s current lineup that incorporate the OLED panels that Samsung produces — the company “is trying to fill the gap with the old device.”

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Now, it doesn’t seem like Apple will be making the iPhone X broadly available again. Indeed, the report included the following piece of information:



Samsung made $110 for everyone of last years phones….I read it was over 350 of material to make an iPhone…or so they said





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