Apple Loosens App Store Rules a Bit After Developer Backlash

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(Bloomberg) — Apple Inc. adjusted its App Store review guidelines to loosen restrictions on iPhone and iPad games that stream directly from the internet and in-app purchase rules that have frustrated developers.

The biggest impact may come in the relatively new market for streaming video games. For the first time, Apple will approve games that stream directly from the web, versus from content installed on a device. This reverses a rule that frustrated companies including Microsoft Corp., Nvidia Corp. and Google. All three rivals have streaming game services that are unavailable on Apple’s devices, while Apple’s own Arcade service is freely accessible.

Apple is also no longer imposing its in-app purchase requirements on online teaching apps, such as tutoring or workout offerings. This only applies to classes that are between two people. Some developers, including Facebook Inc., Airbnb Inc. and ClassPass, were frustrated that they had to give Apple 30% of class revenue given the pandemic has moved most learning online.


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