Are Democrats Plotting to Remove President Trump From Office?

By Gabrielle Seunagal

It appears as though Democratic leaders are determined to exhaust every option as a means of removing President Trump from his rightful place in office. A House Democrat recently introduced a piece of new legislation which would amend the Constitution and make the removal of Presidents considerably easier and less secure. On Monday, Earl Blumenauer asserted that the current steps to remove an unfit President from office are ineffective.


Many people are unaware of how the impeachment process works in America. When a President is deemed as inadequate to serve, charges of conduct are required to be filed. Afterwards, there has to be a majority vote in the House of Representatives. When the Senate tries the case, a 66% vote is required to convict the President and subsequently “fire” him from office. Apparently, the current process that has been in place for decades is not enough to satisfy Blumenauer. His argument states that emotional and mental incapacity are not covered in cases of grounds for impeachment, despite the fact that the Vice President and majority of Cabinet officers can declare the President as unfit to serve.

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According to Blumenauer, in a hypothetical situation, the “mentally or emotionally incapable” President could simply fire all of the members of the Cabinet to avoid impeachment. He continued, stating that Cabinet members could hold a potential bias in favor of the President since they answer to him. Blumenauer asserted that “strengthening” the 25th Amendment would be in America’s best interests, but in reality, he has his own agenda.

Blumenauer’s call to revise and revisit the 25th Amendment is nothing more than a ploy and a stretch to impeach a President who is not guilty of any crimes. What Blumenauer and a plethora of other Democrats fail to understand is that disliking the policies or mannerisms of the 45th President is not grounds for him to be removed from office. As long as the Left fails to come to terms with this reality, they will continue to lose elections.


4 thoughts on “Are Democrats Plotting to Remove President Trump From Office?”

  1. Liberals(democrats) are determined to change rules to satisfy themselves & find ways to advance their agenda. They are determined to change rules, that suit them. But, as we have recently seen, it can backfire on them. When something they favor is failing, they want more money to “fix” it. Instead of eliminating waste & firing those watching porn & playing games while at work. They want big government so they can control the people.
    Too many people let their liberal leaders think for them, & they just parrot what they hear. Our schools now bust kids for pop tarts with one corner eaten off. A 16 year old recently got a 1 year expulsion for a water gun. Too many of our citizens, & illegal aliens, don’t realize the left is merely using them, to further their agenda. They want to bring in the “Global Society”, & communism to rule over all. Talk to someone who has lived in a communist county, or watch a documentary about Stalin and/or Hitler. You will see how “great” communism really is.
    Liberals want to make things “free”. Well, someone has to pay for it. And those who receive these “free” things, will be indebted to the government. Just wait, just watch.

  2. There are no grounds for impeachment but there are for a recall. Trump is doing the exact opposite of what he promised his voters. He is the conman of the century.


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