Are Gold And Silver Bullion Obsolete In The Crypto Age?

by GoldCore

What is the outlook for the global economy, financial markets, crypto currencies such as bitcoin and gold and silver bullion in the digital age?

Fresh insights as interview Mark O’Byrne who gives his diagnosis on the outlook for gold in 2018, and looks at the long-term relevance of precious metals in the digital age of crypto and the blockchain alongside Bitcoin’s emergence as a potential digital store of value.


01:00 Diagnosis of the economy and rising inflation
06:00 Possible stock market correction?
09:30 What is triggering higher oil prices?
13:05 Impacts of rising oil prices on the mining sector
14:40 Gold in 2018, what to expect next
20:00 Has Bitcoin taken over the role of Gold itself?
23:50 Silver’s purpose and upside in the digital age
28:30 GoldCore providing ways to purchase and store Gold

Watch the full interview here – ‘Are Gold And Silver Obsolete In The Digital Age? – Mark O’Byrne Interview’ 

News and Commentary

Gold steadies as political turmoil in Italy rocks financial markets (

Euro dives to 6-month low versus dollar as Italian and Spanish political worries fester (

Italy banker warns on political crisis as investors fear for euro (

Euro zone money markets slash 2019 ECB rate-hike bets (

Former IMF official becomes Italy’s interim prime minister (

Gold in euros (1 month)

Soros Sees New Global Financial Crisis Brewing, EU Under Threat (

Saxo Bank: Precious metals gradually recovering (

Finance officials discuss use of Chinese yuan as reserve currency for Africa (

Turkey Repatriates All Gold From The US In Attempt To Ditch The Dollar (

Gold Production On The Cusp Of Peaking (



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