Are we heading down the shitter?

by ILostAlotOfTendies

Genuine question here. I know everyone here is just a gambler and no one knows shit, including myself. But does anyone feel like or better yet have any evidence that we are fucked? By that I mean that are we headed for a market collapse worse than 08?

From what is happening, inflation going to 30 year record, Chinese housing market collapsing, supply shortages, labor shortages, govt that seems to be sitting on a very large dildo, it seems like all of this is not going to end well.

Is all of this going to lead to an I am Legend scenario without the zombies or is the fed just going to keep lying and is everyone just going to not care at all.

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From my position it seems that all the shit happening cannot last forever and it has to come crumbling down some time. But I am also very stupid. Any input welcome.

Edit: I would like to also add that everyone always thought “oh I live in America where everything is made of sunshine and rainbows” but recently people have woken up to the fact that we are vulnerable to the same shit the third world countries have been dealing with for years. So if you think you are protected just because you live in a nice neighborhood, you are wrong. And you can primarily blame the government for that.

Edit 2: of all the people saying “oh people have been saying this for years” or “just another gay bear.” None of those people have offered any evidence that I’m wrong, which I find interesting. And you dorks just saying “we had 12 green days in a row” that literally proves my point. That the market is stupid and not based on anything close to resembling fundamentals and that this market is simply unsustainable.


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