Area 51 raid day: UFO & alien hunters descending on Nevada as US military calls in reinforcements & declares no-fly zone

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Alien enthusiasts are descending on rural Nevada en masse for a pair of festivals celebrating Area 51 and the UFOs it could be hiding – but locals don’t want them there and neither do the military, who’ve called in reinforcements.

UFO enthusiasts have begun making the pilgrimage out to Rachel and Hiko, Nevada, sites of two competing festivals scheduled for this weekend, real-life versions of the “Storm Area 51” event scheduled that went viral on Facebook last month and attracted millions of would-be attendees. The impending human tide has provoked a grim response from authorities protecting whatever the secretive military base holds, but the xenophiles are determined to party anyway.

These guys are going for it on their livestream.

Be patient as it keeps cutting out.



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