Arrest Obama for Treason NOW!

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By Gabrielle Seunagal
Earlier this morning, President Trump passionately declared that Obama had phones at Trump Towers wiretapped just weeks before the November 2016 Election. The President slammed the unlawful acts as “McCarthyism” and “Nixon/Watergate.” Although Mr. Trump has not revealed how he gained knowledge of these occurrences, people have already hypothesized that his accusations referenced a Breitbart article which claims that the Obama Administration made two Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court requests to track communications and computer servers in Trump Towers in case of any evidence that would link the President to Russia. Many conservatives believe that Obama has been secretly working to undermine Mr. Trump via organizations such as OFA and the deep state. Today’s findings do not help Obama’s cause in any manner whatsoever.
The former President has predictably denied all claims that he was involved in wiretapping phones at Trump Towers. Obama spokesperson, Kevin Lewis, recently stated that neither Obama nor anyone in his administration ordered surveillance on any American citizen. The blatant denial does not surprise me; it is hardly likely that the former commander-in-chief would admit to breaking the law and performing illegal surveillance. However, I am inclined to believe President Trump for a plethora of reasons. For starters, he would not make serious accusations without strong reasoning to substantiate them. Also, shortly before the President’s victory, Obama stated that he would consider a Trump Presidency as an insult to his legacy. This rhetoric displayed Obama’s intense desire to halt Mr. Trump from obtaining the Oval Office. It begs to question: Would Obama order someone to wiretap phones and computers at Trump Towers in the hopes of obtaining information that would prevent him from being President? Personally, I believe that such acts are not beneath him, but nonetheless, only time will tell.

Throughout the President’s array of morning tweets, he linked Attorney General Sessions’ meeting with the Russian Ambassador to the Obama Administration. This is closely related to the previous controversy surrounding the ire that followed from Sessions’ supposed failure to report meetings with the Russian Ambassador throughout the duration of the Trump campaign. As the President pointed out, the same Russian Ambassador who met Sessions twice also visited the White House 22 times throughout Obama’s Presidency and four times alone in 2016. Obama advocates have responded to these claims by alleging that their issue with Sessions stems from their belief that he was duplicitous when asked about whether or not he met with the Russian Ambassador.
I am personally calling for a direct, thorough investigation into claims that the former President ordered phones and computers at Trump Towers to be placed under wiretap surveillance. As far as I am concerned, there is reasonable evidence to support the claims of the Commander-In-Chief. Radio Host, Mark Levin, uncovered a slew of acts taken by the Obama Administration to undermine the campaign of Trump and sabotage his chances of obtaining the White House. Obama’s efforts were parallelized to police state tactics. He and his administration are reported to have filed a request with FISA to acquire rights to monitor communications between Mr. Trump and a plethora of his advisors. These claims were obviously denied, but Levin rightfully suggested that they should be subjected to a congressional investigation. If any shred of evidence is found against the former President, he should be arrested, tried, and put on trial for treason. The Democrat Party has aligned themselves with illegal immigrants, violent rioters, and other questionable characters. All things considered, treason is not a far stretch.

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8 thoughts on “Arrest Obama for Treason NOW!

  1. A well known lawyer has already said that even if there was a wiretap that a judge would have had sufficient cause to have ordered it.
    But we must remember that the same man (Trump) who said that the men he sent to Hawaii found some amazing things about Obama’s birth certificate (and it turned out being a colossal nothing burger from Trump) has now said that Obama wiretapped his phones.
    Remember the Ted Cruz’s father was involved in the JFK assassination thingy with Trump going on Fox and Friends saying that story wasn’t being reported on enough?
    There seems to be no end to the unhinged accusations that Trump makes…

  2. CAGE this KREW TODAY!
    If a FALSE FLAGE attack like 911 is being PLANNED ,IMPLEMENTED or FUNDED by this FOREIGN agents in the failure of a presidents new mansion then the Secrete Service is IN ON THE DEALS!

  3. He needs to stop talking and start doing. Arrest Obongo now and Soros and all the rest of the crew. He needs to purge the CFR member spies from his administration. This isn’t about “him”. I didn’t vote for him, but I didn’t vote for The Queen of War either. He owes those who put him in office a chance at success.

  4. I came here for investment advice. How should I invest my money? What is an Obama-arrest “pure play?”
    please–enough sizzle! gimme the meat!

  5. CXW looking good! But has the rally since the election already played itself out? Is the stock too high priced now??
    THIS is what I want from this author. Stop “greasing it up” and give us a stock pick, already! Obama in jail or me in rags!

  6. The investigation was done and no wiretapping was found. Trump, however is guilty of obstruction of justice. His firing Comey to prevent the investigation of Russian meddling in the election is indeed obstruction of justice. However, the supporters of Trump will likely never admit to that.

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